Photography Overview

In addition to the bespoke picture framing, I provide photography services. Below you will see a summary of what I offer, for more details then please visit my dedicated photography website

I have the same philosophy for both parts of the business, to help tell your story, capture your spirit and create your legacy. This hold true for photography as well as picture framing. Have read below then pop across to the photograph site and let me capture you and you family celebrating life

All our family images are on my phone and computer, I am worried one day we could lose them all.

I passionately believe that we are in danger of losing our heritage by not printing family photos. Please don’t leave it to chance, get your family photos printed and enjoy sharing them like we all used to do with our parents albums.

Capture your real spirit and get a print, book or wall art with photos the family will love. Create great memories for the future and give as gift to wider family.

I would love a photo of our family, but not sure I could get them all to behave and stand still.

Photography can be fun, I have a ‘Fun in a box’ session that provides something different, no standing around trying to get everyone to look at the camera and smile all at the same time. Bring your favourite toy, sports kit or even animal and have a laugh in the box.

Traditional portraits sessions don’t have to be all serious and boring. It’s all about me getting to know the real you, then helping you get comfortable in front of the camera (and in fact forgetting the camera is there).

Book a consultation using the button above, we can have a chat on the phone or over a coffee to explore your story, creating a legacy for generations to come.

If you want more info use the menu on the left to get more specific details on the different photography session I can provide.

More and more I am being asked for a headshot for business, but my selfies and holiday photos don’t really fit.

First impressions matter, especially in business, building trust and rapport starts from the moment someone searches on the internet for you. I can help capture the confident and approachable you to enable you to make that great first impression.

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