So, who am I? Why is photography and framing important to me? How will I help guide you and your family?

Life for me was world of delivering major sporting events and projects. This gave me a huge amount of pride, but also came with lots of travelling and missing out on family time. So now I am putting my energy into something else that I really love which enables me to make a positive difference to people.

To me, having photos of my family and friends printed and on display is a great thing to do. Around my house are pictures that tell the story of my kids growing up, photos of loved ones no longer with us, and memories that make me realise how lucky I am to have had those moments to treasure. 

There will be times in our life when special things happen, and we get to spend time with amazing people. We will create fun moments that will live long in our minds, having them captured on camera is a great way to preserve those memories. But it doesn’t stop there, these days so many people have photos on phones and computers that they never really view. They risk losing them as digital images are only secure if you have back-ups (which most people don’t).

Picture Framing

In addition to the photography part of the business, I established bespoke picture framing for a variety of reasons. Firstly it enables me to provide a wider choice to my photography clients and also adds better value for them as well. Secondly I realised that it is not only photos that enable us to experience the joy of remembering loved ones and special events. Artwork, or other personal items can mean as much to us as photos, the framing side enables me to provide a service for clients to get those items that are important to them, that tell the story of them and their family and will leave a physical legacy for generations to come.

I hope this gives you a little insight as to what drives me. Having made the move fulltime into photography later in life I am excited for the future and to be able to help tell your stories. Below are a fraction of the photos I have of my family, most of these are either framed and on our walls, or are in coffee table books (just like the albums our parents kept). Every picture below takes me back to that special time we shared, and as I get older I know I will l value them more and more.


Where to find us?

15 David Mushet Gardens, Dalkeith, EH22 1LH

We are near Ironmills park and there is parking outside the property. Give me a call to arrange and appointment or get in touch through the Contact form.

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