Wednesday, 09 Nov, 2016 at Home, Dalkeith, Midlothian, Scotland

Hi my name is Tom Chambers and I live in Dalkeith, Scotland with my wife and teenage twins (Boy & Girl, who or not identical - yes we still get asked that), and Sammy the daft but adorable working cocker spaniel.

I would describe myself as a story teller. I am fortunate to get to meet lots of people and get an insight into their lives, which enables me to capture their spirit, creating a legacy for them and their family. 

I will be up front and say that the only time I will provide digital images only is for headshots (after all that is the purpose of a headshot). For all other photography a printed photo is always provided (along with digital versions). Some may find that odd and not aligned with other photographers, but for me the value in having a printed photo is far greater than having digital images that seldom get seen.

Whilst I truly believe that the advent of social media and camera phones is helping people capture more images, these are very quickly lost in the history of our social media channels and effectively lost from day to day viewing.

Printing photos and having them on display is something that ensures memories are preserved and re-lived every day. Holding a print of a loved one evokes feelings that social media cannot quite match (in my opinion).

I do feel it is important that you understand why printing photos is what I do, and if getting digital files is all you are after there are lots of other photographers who are more than able to meet your needs.

So if you want to create memories to have on display, then please get in touch and let me help you celebrate life.

Picture Framing

I have now set up a picture framing service and look forward to helping many clients get new art and photos framed and on display, or helping bring new life to existing artwork and pictures that maybe stuck away in the attic or a cupboard. See the Picture Framing pages for more information.

What Else?

I also have a love for landscape, the sea and street photography and some of my images can be found by clinking on the Other Stuff page, I currently have two limited edition prints available to purchase, more info on the Other Stuff page.

If you have any questions then click through to the Contact & Bookings page and I can get in touch and have a chat.


Where to find us?

15 David Mushet Gardens, Dalkeith, EH22 1LH

We are near Ironmills park and there is parking outside the property. Give me a call to arrange and appointment or get in touch through the Contact & Booking form.

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