As social media grows and grows and is becoming an ever important part of our lives, our profile pictures are often the first image people see of us. If we are honest they are not at times the most flattering, or exactly representative of us.

In business, digital communications is becoming the predominant method of engaging with the wider world. Having a professional headshot image to hand (for when fame calls) will ensure that you don't have to resort to a quickly taken selfie with your phone.

I am able to provide professional headshot images against 3 different backdrops which are ideal for all your social media and business use. If you are interested then click the button below and we can discuss further.


Why you need a professional headshot?

When you are looking to work with someone, do you have alook at their linkedin profile or company website to get a feel for them and if you think you can work with them? 

To be honest you are probably not actively doing this and it's hard to imagine this happening hundreds of times a day as you scroll through your Instagram feed or view a business website. 

What surprised me was to find out that science has actually looked at this. We all form a lasting first impression within the first 100 milliseconds of meeting someone online. It drives business and decisions whether you like it or not. 

Princeton psychologists first presented their study on the matter in their article, "First Impressions," in the July 2006 issue of Psychological Science.

I have created a blog post that goes into much more detail on why a professional headshot is worth investing in.

So once you have read the Blog and are now curious as to how to get an great online profile, click the button and above and lets have a chat.