Why do you need a professional headshot?


Because First Impressions Count

But who is really looking at my online profile picture? You would be surprised how often your image is being viewed. It could be a Linkedin recruiter, a potential client looking to work with your company, or even casting directors (definitely casting directors, it’s their job). In this day and age they all meet you online without your gleaming smile to see in-person. So first impressions and your headshot become much more important.

So, if you’re asking yourself why you need a professional headshot or why your company should invest in branding photography, there’s a scientifically proven reason to invest in getting them.

Companies first port of call when researching a potential employee is social media, so if your profile picture is not really portraying the image you want an employer to see, then perhaps time to get a professional headshot. If we are honest there are times when we have been researching individuals for business reasons and come across profile pictures that make you wince or decide to move on to another person or company.

"Great, new profile picture needed, I'll just get my friends or colleagues to take it."

Whilst this may result in improving the profile picture, unless they are lucky or a headshot photographer in disguise it may not really make the first impression you really want.

Invest in yourself and your career with a headshot done by a professional. A professional headshot photographer knows how to pose you and bring out your best in a headshot. Creating an image which shows confidence and approachability might just be the thing to increase your likelihood of landing that interview, gives a positive first impression, and shows employers/customers that you value yourself and your career.

"But it costs a lot?"

I am intrigued when people says it costs a lot, surely investing in ourselves and our career should be at the top of what we spend our hard earned cash on? Would you buy a cheap suit or dress to go for an interview? Would you cut your hair yourself (well I used to, but thats because I have very little)? Getting a great profile image for me ensures we are portraying the right image we want people to see.

What is it they say, you get what you pay for.

It is important to remember that a photographer will have invested significant time in learning their skill, they will have invested a large amount in kit and equipment, and whilst they may only be with you for an hour, there is a ton of work they have to do before and after to get the great headshots to you. Finally remember a photographer is only earning when they have a client, the rest of the time they are investing time and resource in continually developing their skills and trying to attract new clients.