Fun in a Box


Want to have fun in a box? Well I have just the thing for you and the family. Why not book a session with me, where you all climb inside the large white box in my garage and have a giggle and a laugh. During this you will be creating memories that you can treasure for years to come. If you are interested follow this link to my website where there is more information.


Why not get grandad or granny involved and give them a gift that is unique and puts a smile on their face. We can even accommodate pets (the well behaved ones) and bring along favourite toys, equipment (as long as it can fit in 1.2m square box).


So if you fancy something different from the normal family portraits then get in touch and we can create a great framed picture for you and the family. Book a session before end of May and get 25% off the total cost for session with 24" x 24" print.